Business Scalability Pt. 2: Growing Your Business With A VA

Business Scalability Pt. 2: Growing Your Business With A VA

Business scalability— let’s talk about it.

Building a business from the ground up can be costly and time-consuming, especially if it is not your only responsibility.

Realistically, most entrepreneurs start their new venture while still working a normal 9-5 elsewhere, which obviously consumes most of their time- but they would not be holding onto that time-consuming safety net if finance was not a concern. So, we can agree that time and money are a hindrance to starting up a business.

Not to mention, everybody knows that putting together a good mix of people that will align with the goals, and share the bigger picture vision of the business is essential…but is it really? Or does it really just push costs up, and in so doing slow growth down?

Assistants: In-Person vs. Virtual

Let’s break it down: traditional brick and mortar office space does not come cheap- and that is just space. Add in taxes, insurances, and the myriad of other legalities and expenses that come with the space full of full-time employees, and what do you get? In short- all your time used on supervision, and all your money spent on fixed costs that are related to your business, but do not necessarily improve it directly.

There must be another way, right? Well, there is— a virtual assistant. A term that may still result in raised eyebrows and skepticism in most— understandably so, because business has been done the same way since the dawn of time, and people may be reluctant to institute change that seems to challenge the status quo when said change is not necessarily understood.

Benefits Of Using A VA

Here is the thing though— virtual assistants are also entrepreneurs. They are also running a business and putting their all in, while also likely working a traditional 9-5 elsewhere. They understand business: your business is their business, so by taking pride in their own business, it means giving their best for yours. Sounds complicated, but really what it means is that a virtual assistant understands your plight, can sympathize with your time/money/growth struggle and can help with basically any imaginable task. The list is truly endless, but, for the sake of enlightenment, let’s look at a few:

A virtual assistant can develop your business plan, as well as develop and manage your marketing plan. They can update and manage your online store and/or website and social media marketing efforts, as well as set up online opt-in gifts and autoresponder series and set up affiliate membership sites. A virtual assistant can help with small business coaching and guidance, and even customer care and support. Search engine optimization, keyword discovery, primary and secondary research collection, competitor analysis— these are all second nature to a skilled virtual assistant. A virtual assistant does not need to be present to handle tasks such as executive scheduling, travel logistics, coordinating and managing events and projects— be it physical or virtual. Graphic design, data entry, word processing, power-point presentations, as well as any task related to those. A virtual assistant can write for you— be it copywriting, SEO rich blogs, press releases or just proofreading and editing.

What A VA Can Do

The list is endless— as are the possibilities. But if you would care to count, there are at least 25 ways in which a virtual assistant can help you grow your business, and they really are the tip of the iceberg. When you really think about it, none of the tasks listed above really need physical employee presence, considering 99% of everything is done on computers and phones- and those are not exactly limited to a traditional office environment.

A virtual assistant can do the tasks of many, without the expenses of office rent, phone bills, insurances, taxes, and without quite such stringent legalities surrounding their work. They also don’t require the business owner to be present and checking up every so often, because again, this is their business- they know what they are doing and pride themselves in doing it well- after all, they are doing it as much for themselves as they are for the business. Imagine you are building a house. The logical thing to do would be to enlist an architect. You would give your ideas and opinions on their work- but not question their methods, because you trust them; their previous work and references speak for themselves. Their integrity in meeting and exceeding your needs and requests is paramount to their business and their reputation— because if they were to do something that damages their reputation, it would be difficult to shake off, and future clients would be hesitant to trust his work. So you could say, ensuring your new house is absolutely perfect, is just as much in his best interests as it is yours. The same goes for a virtual assistant— if they fail to give their best, and continually displease, their reputation will be in tatters— something nobody wants. On that basis alone you can rest assured it is in a virtual assistant’s best interest to put your interests first and step up to the plate with whatever comes their way.

All in all, ‘virtual assistant’ may be a term still viewed by some with relative contempt— which can be attributed to lack of understanding and nothing more.

But realistically, a virtual assistant will save you time, save you money, accelerate your growth- and possibly even teach you a few valuable things along the way all the while taking a mountain of pressure and burdens off your shoulders.

You will truly never know unless you try.

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