5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

The internet has become central to everything— looking for something? Google. Don’t know something? Google. Want to settle a debate, check facts, or basically anything else? All Google.

The same goes for businesses— Google is the first stop for most people these days, which means creating content that stands out in the search results has never been more important. Here are five digital marketing strategies that are not only important but essential to growing your business.

Digital Marketing

As the internet grows and penetrates more and more aspects of daily life, digital marketing remains one of the most effective methods of reaching customers and followers online. Businesses, regardless of their size, can hugely benefit from following a solid digital marketing plan in order to grow their bottom line.engaging with customers online is crucial, so establishing a strong online presence to do just that is paramount.

1. Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

While many may harbour mixed or ill feelings towards social media– the fact is it is more powerful than it is often given credit for, and is a key marketing tool in this day and age. The reach of social media is unrivaled, and establishing a following on a platform where customers can engage with all aspects of your business must not be underestimated– some companies have relied solely on Facebook and other social networks to significantly grow their businesses.

Social media offers a unique component to marketing efforts– direct communication with your target audience where they are easily able to give valuable feedback, which can be very useful in steering your business in the most customer-centric direction, and in so doing, appeal to a greater following of potential customers. 

It may prove difficult and time consuming to grow your social media following in the direction of your specific target audience, which is where leveraging a social media influencer comes in. Ideally you don’t even need an influencer with millions of followers, just a micro-influencer that is followed by your target audience– provide quality content worth sharing and following and your target audience will follow suit in no time, and your online visibility gets an almost immediate boost.

2. Publish a weekly blog that’s worth reading

Blogging is a good way to engage your online audience. As long as your content is value-packed and resonates with your followers, readers will keep coming back for more– so sharing product, business and industry information within meaningful content will entice potential customers while building your brand reputation. 

High quality content is the crux of successful blogging, so don’t overthink sharing insider tips that add value to your readers lives– after all, you do want your authoritative side to be seen. There is more to it though, than just posting a few inspiring paragraphs every week– each blog post needs to be part of the bigger picture– the promotional strategy that links up across all your social media networks. Consider using platforms such as Reddit, Medium, LinkedIn and Quora: these platforms have vast audiences and  will instantly boost your visibility.

3. Leverage Search Engine Optimization

SEO is another area that is often underestimated, it is often not thought to be worth the effort that goes into it– with the wrong assumption that it is highly technical and time-consuming. The reality though, is that your website can be pristine, but without SEO that won’t mean much as your target audience may never see it. A Strong SEO strategy is the best way to generate highly targeted traffic and ensure that your website makes the cut for top search results when a potential customer is looking for a business within your industry.

A strong SEO strategy is critical but will be the most beneficial if you really know how to leverage it. As enticing as it may be, don’t fall for the short term pay-offs like shady link schemes– it won’t last and can land you in hot water for your troubles. There is no harm, and in fact, it’s important to understand how Google algorithms work, but rather focus on keywords. Look up the most commonly used keywords in your industry and use basic SEO principles to write a few meaningful, in-depth blogs that are rich in keywords to get your website organically indexed into top search results.

4.Create a lead magnet

A lead magnet is essentially an incentive for potential customers to surrender their email addresses in exchange for something value adding for them. It could be a PDF, free ebook or download– the only criteria is it is something they want, and as such are willing to give their email address and other contact details away in order to get it. 

Offering your ideal customer a valuable lead magnet brings success. By identifying and offering simple yet appropriate solutions for your customers’ pain points is a good strategy for building a strong lead magnet– and it provides an opportunity to obtain more information about them while you channel them into your marketing funnel.

The marketing funnel encompasses all the steps that are taken to turn an ordinary person into a loyal, paying customer: from their initial discovery of your brand right through to the conversion to a paying customer. The purpose of a lead magnet is information exchange– so be sure to obtain their contact details before they cash in on the incentive offered in exchange, because without their contact details you are unable to execute the final element of your digital marketing strategy.

5.Build and nurture an email list

The final element made possible through the contact details obtained from the lead magnet: an email list. As much as a strong social media presence and massive following increases your visibility– you cannot control what they see, and these platforms are forever changing their algorithms. An email list, however, gives you direct access to your target audience and potential customers, making email marketing one of the most important elements of an effective sales funnel.

An email list offers an opportunity to build on relationships with customers, sending genuine heartfelt content will establish an authentic connection. Not to mention tools such as MailChimp, Constant Contact and so many others that make it easy to send split tests that will gauge the interest level of each subscriber based on, for example, whether or not they opened the email at all, and if they did, whether or not they were interested enough in what you are offering to open links sent in the email– this process makes segmentation based on level of interest much easier and more accurate.

A Final Note On Digital Marketing

An effective digital marketing effort is central to business growth. While the strategies discussed here are sure to help you reach your goals, digital marketing doesn’t need to break your budget. Focusing on producing quality content that is tailored specifically to your target customers, and ensuring it appears on the channels and platforms that they frequent is the basis of effective digital marketing strategy– as soon as you get that ball on the roll, customer interaction with you and your products will increase, as will your sales.

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